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10 Easy Steps to Cutting the Perfect Brisket

In this video, Brian shares the 10 easy steps to cut your brisket so that you have the highest quality slices and plenty of them!

  • #1-Before you smoke or cook the brisket, make a small cut in the corner that will allow you to cut AGAINST the grain once cooked.

  • #2-Once pulled and set, place your brisket on the cutting board and begin cutting against the grain to create the most tender pieces.

  • #3-Make 1/4 slices from the starting point.

  • #4-Continue to cut until the fatty bottom appears on your slices.

  • #5-Slide your knife between the fatty bottom and the top meat and gently separate the top and bottom. Set the fatty bottom aside.

  • #6-Finish cutting up the first piece and place it in your dish.

  • #7-On, the fatty bottom piece, gently slice the excess fat off the top of the meat.#8-Rotate this piece so that you can cut the meat AGAINST the grain!

  • #9-Cut your slices the same width as before—place them in your serving pan.

  • #10-Serve your guests brisket so good they'll say, "SLAP ME, THAT'S GOOD BRISKET!"


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