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Homemade Never Tasted So Good.

Our Stuff



Somebody Slap Me That’s Good Sauces are all Homemade. We have carefully selected products and spices that give each sauce its own unique flavor. Our BBQ sauces are heated to a boil so that all the liquid ingredients and spices marry together for that perfect blend.

Rubs & Spices

All of the Somebody Slap Me That’s Good seasonings have been specially blended to create a unique flavor profile. Each seasoning is different and has been developed to enhance different products. Try some today and they will have you saying “Slap Me That’s Good!!!"



We are ready to cater for your small or large events within the United States!  We bring great taste and homemade cooking to you!  Check out our offerings below!


We are Brian and Angel McGraw and we love BBQ and want to share that love with the everyone we can.  From our homemade seasonings to our rubs and sauces, we have the products you need to up your BBQ game.   When you need to feed a group, we are ready to cater that small or large group event, regardless of where you are!  Click below to learn more about us and our business!

Who We Are.

Want to Learn How to be a BBQ Master?

We can help with that!

Always remember, BBQ is supposed to be fun. You will make mistakes but don’t give up. Practice makes perfect is so true when learning to Smoke or Grill. Just keep practicing and you will get it right, and you will be saying Slap Me That’s Good!!!! Follow the link to get more information about BBQ and grilling!

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