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Homemade Never Tasted So Good.

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Somebody Slap Me That’s Good Sauces are all Homemade. We have carefully selected products and spices that give each sauce its own unique flavor. Our BBQ sauces are heated to a boil so that all the liquid ingredients and spices marry together for that perfect blend.


We are looking forward to serving you delicious pit BBQ in our new location at 128 S. Jefferson in Hastings! Our hours are 11 am to 8 pm Tuesday through Saturday.


Rubs & Spices

All of the Somebody Slap Me That’s Good seasonings have been specially blended to create a unique flavor profile. Each seasoning is different and has been developed to enhance different products. Try some today and they will have you saying “Slap Me That’s Good!!!"

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Brisket in a container
Brian standing next to his grill
Restaurant location
Seasoned Brisket on a board with a seasoning bottle

We are Brian and Angel McGraw and we love BBQ and want to share that love with everyone we can.  From our homemade seasonings to our rubs and sauces, and our new restaurant in Hastings, Michigan, we have your BBQ needs covered!  Click below to learn more about us and our business!

Who We Are.

Want to Learn How to be a BBQ Master?

We can help with that!

Always remember, BBQ is supposed to be fun. You will make mistakes but don’t give up. Practice makes perfect is so true when learning to Smoke or Grill. Just keep practicing and you will get it right, and you will be saying Slap Me That’s Good!!!! Follow the link to get more information about BBQ and grilling!

Large Fire in a Grill

Visit Our Location!

128 S. Jefferson, Hastings MI.           Hours:  11AM-8PM Tuesday-Saturday

Our Customers Say

Jeff D.

We weren't up from the table before we were trying to figure out when we were coming back. 11.5 on a ten scale!

Chuck S.

Stopped in last night. Food and service were GREAT! Welcome to Hastings. We will be back!

Tom R.

We were there Friday and it was excellent. We definitely enjoyed your restaurant and will be back.
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